Enhancing Pharmacy Operational Efficiency with HasHealth: The Ultimate Solution for Pharmacies in the UK and Ireland

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In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, operational efficiency is more crucial than ever for pharmacies. With the increasing demands for accessible patient care, and the strain on resources, pharmacies need to streamline their operations and optimise workflows. HasHealth, Medihive’s leading B2B SaaS product, offers an end-to-end, medical-grade virtual healthcare solution tailored to meet the unique needs of pharmacies in the UK and Ireland. This blog explores how Medihive’s HasHealth product can revolutionise your pharmacy’s operational efficiency, ultimately driving better patient care and business growth.


Proven Success in the UK and Ireland

HasHealth’s pharmacy management software has a proven track record of delivering significant improvements in operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and revenue growth for leading pharmacy chains in the UK and Ireland​​ such as Day Lewis, McCabes, Careplus, Rowlands, Numark and others.

By leveraging digital pharmacy solutions, pharmacies have been able to streamline operations, implement targeted marketing campaigns, and enhance patient care. An example of the operational efficiencies gained from HasHealth’s software includes a 105% growth in the first half of the year compared to the previous year, driven by the introduction of new services.


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Helping Pharmacies Focus on What Matters – The Patient

Pharmacies are at the forefront of patient care, acting as a bridge between healthcare providers and patients. However, managing daily operations, from patient scheduling to inventory control, can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, reducing the time available to focus on delivering profitable clinical services. Enhancing operational efficiency is not just about reducing costs; it’s about improving the quality of care and ensuring a seamless experience for patients. This is where HasHealth comes into play.


How HasHealth Enhances Operational Efficiency


Centralised Management System

One of the standout features of HasHealth is its centralised interoperable management system, which allows pharmacy chains to oversee all aspects of their operations from a single interface. This system integrates various functions such as staff scheduling, service creation, and inventory management, eliminating the need for multiple disparate systems.


Key Benefits:

Streamlined Operations: By centralising management tasks, pharmacies can reduce administrative burdens and enhance workflow efficiency.

Manage Multiple Locations: With real-time insights into performance metrics, pharmacies can support you in making informed decisions and optimise operations across multiple locations.

Improved Customer Experience: Ensures consistent service delivery and availability, resulting in higher patient satisfaction and loyalty.


Your Entire Business at a Glance

One of the standout features of HasHealth is its centralised management system, which allows pharmacy chains to oversee all aspects of their operations from a single interface. This system integrates various functions such as staff scheduling, service creation, and inventory management, eliminating the need for multiple disparate systems. You can customise this to whatever features your business needs, making it a truly seamless partner.


Key Benefits:

Tailored Offerings: Customising services helps meet local demands more effectively.

Revenue Optimisation: Strategic pricing and promotional campaigns can boost profitability.

Competitive Advantage: Quickly adapt to changing market trends to stay ahead of the competition.


Flexible Local Control

While providing centralised oversight, HasHealth also empowers pharmacies at site level to make localised adjustments. This includes modifying pricing, duration and booking mode to better serve their unique customer base considering their market dynamics and day-to-day operational needs.


Key Benefits:

Local Empowerment: Pharmacies can make informed decisions that align with local market conditions and customer preferences.

Operational Agility: Ability to make rapid changes at the store level to respond quickly to changing customer demands and competitive pressure.


Simultaneous Staff Availability Management

HasHealth’s platform enables pharmacies to synchronise staff availability across multiple locations. This ensures seamless coordination of appointments and services, enhancing operational efficiency and customer experience


Key Benefits:

Consistent Service Availability: Ensures that high-demand services are available across all locations.

Streamlined Administrative Tasks: Reduces the need for manual coordination, saving time and resources.

Increased Revenue Opportunities: Maximises service capacity and customer reach.



Advanced Features for Enhanced Efficiency


Automated Appointment Management

HasHealth allows patients to autonomously manage their appointments giving them the flexibility to cancel or reschedule without contacting the pharmacy directly. This feature not only enhances patient convenience but also reduces the administrative load on pharmacy staff.


Key Benefits:

Increased Patient Satisfaction: Offers a modern, self-service option that aligns with today’s digital expectations.

Operational Efficiency: Frees up staff time to focus on more critical tasks and growing clinical services.


Video Consultation Services

In a time where remote care is becoming increasingly important, HasHealth’s integrated video consultation service enables pharmacies to conduct virtual appointments. This not only extends the reach of pharmacy services but also facilitates convenient and timely patient care​.


Key Benefits:

Remote Accessibility: Patients can receive a detailed consultation from the comfort of their home; with the ability to share screens, share content and take payment.

Care Continuity: Ensures seamless communication and follow-ups between clinicians and patients.


Waiting List Management

HasHealth’s automated waiting list management system efficiently handles services with limited availability and provides effective insight into demand forecasting.


Key Benefits:

Optimised Resource Allocation: Efficiently manages service capacity to maximise patient throughput.

Enhanced Patient Experience: Keeps patients informed of their status, reducing frustration and dissatisfaction.



In an increasingly competitive and dynamic healthcare environment, operational efficiency is key to staying ahead. HasHealth provides the tools and insights needed to streamline your pharmacy operations, enhance patient care, and drive business growth. By integrating HasHealth into your pharmacy, you can achieve significant improvements in efficiency, profitability, and patient satisfaction.

For pharmacies in the UK and Ireland looking to optimise pharmacy operations and embrace digital pharmacy solutions, HasHealth offers a robust, scalable solution that meets the demands of modern healthcare.

Discover how enhancing pharmacy operations with HasHealth in the UK and Ireland can transform your business – get in touch today!

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