HasHealth partners with UK’s longest-established pharmacy chain, Rowlands Pharmacy

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HasHealth is pleased to announce it has partnered with Rowlands Pharmacy as its online booking provider for clinical services. HasHealth pharmacy software provides a seamless booking experience for patients whilst minimising time-consuming administrative tasks for pharmacy staff. Innovative wait-list features, medical pre-screen questionnaires and resource management capabilities streamline everyday workflows. This allows pharmacists to spend more time doing what they have been trained to do – care for patients.


Pharmacy software to support the digitalisation and rollout of clinical services

“HasHealth is delighted to support Rowlands Pharmacy in its digitalisation strategy and rollout of clinical services. Community Pharmacy has done an incredible job during the pandemic and we believe the industry is perfectly placed to provide front-line support to patients with a range of chronic conditions, as well as support patients in staying healthy. To do this, it is crucial to free up pharmacists’ time, allowing them to expand their role in the community. HasHealth does this by automating patient communication and clinical data capture, giving pharmacists up to 20 hours back per week.” says Olan O’Sullivan, Head of Growth at HasHealth. 

Rowlands Pharmacy is the UK’s longest-established chain of community pharmacies. As part of this partnership, HasHealth will support over 400 pharmacies, allowing patients to manage their own appointments, and empowering pharmacists to manage their resources effortlessly.

“We pride ourselves on listening to our staff,” states Nigel Swift, Managing Director at Rowlands Pharmacy. “Based on feedback, we knew we could do better with our digital proposition for clinical services and flu vaccinations in particular. We considered developing our own system but we were impressed with the wealth of features available with HasHealth and how quick and easy it was to set up and integrate with our existing systems. The software provides management flexibility to our staff and the white-label option was perfect because it allowed us to keep customers under our own brand.”


HasHealth uses cutting-edge technology to create purpose-built software

Some of the benefits include:

  • Patients have the ability to manage their own in-clinic appointments via an online booking system. 
  • Integrated pre-screen forms save up to 15 minutes in the clinic per appointment and afford patients the privacy of filling in forms in the privacy of their own homes.
  • Flexibility to manage services at Head Office and branch level, making the rollout and management of new clinical services simple. 
  • Resource management capabilities, such as waiting lists and appointment limits based on vaccine supply and pharmacist availability.
  • Driving digitalisation and healthcare accessibility by integrating video and online payments easily into day-to-day workflows.

What’s next for HasHealth pharmacy software?

As part of this international partnership, HasHealth expects to roll out to over 5,000 Numark members in the coming months. Jeremy Meader, MD Numark, says “Now that we have successfully integrated HasHealth into our Rowlands operations, we can focus on adding this to our Hey Pharmacist product. This would allow our patients and customers to book services in their participating Hey Pharmacist Numark branch and give these Numark members access to the time-saving benefits”.

HasHealth, powered by Medihive, is a virtual healthcare solution that allows community pharmacies to schedule, manage and communicate with patients easily online. It combines its cutting-edge technology with market-leading booking and management software, which can be adapted to any clinical service.

In the UK, HasHealth has been approved as the NPA partner for clinical services. HasHealth is trusted by many of the leading pharmacies in Ireland, including McCabes Pharmacy, Adrian Dunne Pharmacy, Life Pharmacy and CarePlus Pharmacy. 

If you would like to learn more about HasHealth and how it could benefit your pharmacy, speak to our team or book a demo today!


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